Today, I’m sharing an interview by a pastor, Jimmy Evans with Jan Markell. I love Jan and Jimmy, they are sister and brother of mine, in the Lord, but. You knew there was a but. Though they understand and discuss the deception of our day (both within the world and within the church) yet, they don’t see their own contradictions occurring within there own teachings. In order to avoid deception we must deal with our own contradictions.

I’m sending this to Jan, hoping to create a dialogue with her on my blog. One that I would hope that you would join in on also. Christians are confused on the end time teachings today. Confusion is the subject of their interview. Though these folks teach that Jesus is coming, and that, that fact is known because of the convergence of the signs of a particular time within the history of man as it is taught in Scripture; still they were teaching that Jesus coming was imminent, in Jan’s case 40 years ago when she started her endtime ministry. They taught that Jesus could come before these signs occurred of which they now speak. They both fail to see and they even agree and state in this interview, that they never believed that they would see the things that are now seeing happen in our day; even though it is these signs that they are seeing, which convince them today that a convergence of the actual signs is now happening. A happening, which was shown to us to cause us to know that He is coming. They were not happening forty years ago; it was then that only a couple of the signs were just beginning to enter the now nearly set stage.

Jan says there is a roadmap in the Bible, I certainly agree, but if we have not heretofore in this age seen the things that we see now, as she states in this interview, things which are on that road map; then surely the coming of the Lord 40 years ago when she began her ministry was not imminent as she taught it.

Further in this interview it is discussed that much of the church is being deceived today in the teachings of the church, and that there will only be a very small remnant of the church that will actually be in that church which will be Raptured. It is a small remnant because of the deception of possibly most within the church. And although there is a rise in the RHETORIC presented today in the coming kingdom rule of the world through the church (Postmillennialism); still the predominant most outspoken prophetic voice throughout my long lifetime has been the pre-Trib doctrine of eschatologies end-time teaching, and not that of post millennial teachers. In fact the only teachings today that are held by a small remnant within the church is the mid-Trib and post-Trib positions. I adhere to post-Trib, and personally discount the mid-Trib position because it is founded on the Seventh Trumpet being placed in the middle of the Tribulation. But when reading the events surrounding that Trumpet Jesus has obviously begun His reign; yet tribulation rages until it’s conclusion in the second half of the 7 year Tribulation before Jesus actually makes His appearance and reigns in His Millennial Kingdom. So a post-Trib rapture requires the very signs that are now converging. It is the only doctrine that recognizes these signs as the beginning of birth pangs for the bride of Christ, who is being made ready for His return. It is the only doctrine which translates literally all of prophetic Scripture. It is the only doctrine which recognizes but one roadmap made Scripturally by God. One which was not predicting an imminent coming— not ever before the roadmap will reach its obvious end. One which requires the revealing of Antichrist before we can even look for that imminent end and Jesus coming.

So, here is the interview, listen for these contradictions. Jan, you must explain these in order to be seen as the purveyor of truth. The Second Coming is real, the Rapture is real, and the Tribulation is real for believers in Christ who are present in that day.

Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. (NASB1995)