Hurricane Ian visited this week, I’d much rather have had you drop in. But that was not In the plan. We prepared for the worst, while hoping for something better. We carted 3 vans full of things that we just thought we may not be able to do without. Took them to our good friends and brother and sister in Christ (Greg and Marge Abbott) about 10 minutes and 15 ft higher in elevation away. We live between two bodies of water. One a tidal creek. I’m sure God laughed, and said: Don’t you know I’ve got this.

The storm track’s center was right at us and Tampa Bay. I told my grandkids that “this could be a life changing event, and that they may soon have a homeless set of grandparents”. I know that they were concerned.

But here I sit today blessed beyond my wildest expectations. Now mind you I never prayed for that storm to turn to the south as it did, and incidentally that result was our best possible scenario; but, who could wish this storm on anyone, except maybe Washington DC? So my prayer was that it be stilled as Jesus had once done. That was not to be.

But following the storm we returned to a not untouched community, but to an only slightly touched home. It’s not much as homes in Florida go, but it’s our home. God has loaned it to us, and it is His to give and His to take. Blessed be the Name of The Lord.

I don’t know where you are or what challenges you face, but this I do know facing them is so much more secure with God in control of your life. Every happening is a new experience with God, because of His Son’s actions in your life. I told Ellen when we thought a direct hit was coming: this could be a life changing event for us, but if so, God must have something new for us. God’s blessing be upon you all. Praying for those South of us.