Just as the foundation is being established for one world government, so is the effort being put forth to bring together religion under the banner of Love, peace and safety. We know of the Catholic Popes efforts in this arena, but there are others. You may not have heard of UR, Universal Religion, but it was founded in the late 90’s. According to one man’s testimony who was present for its founding:

“During the conference, each participant was asked to ‘put yourself 30 years into the future.
The year is 2026. Visualize the United Religions you feel the world is calling for – a UR you,
also, really want. Visualize it as if it exists now. As part of your vision, imagine the variety and types of contributions the UR is making to the world.’”

He continues:

“The discussions that flowed from this assignment reflected our deepest yearnings to live in a safe world that more nearly reflects the divine love for every being; a world where people respect and honor each other, serve the needy, and are caretakers of the earth and all its life; a world where religion no longer leads to hatred and violence, but to dialogue, the celebration of diversity, and cooperative action for global good. [Note: Now, you have the word for which we had been waiting: “safe”. Just as the Bible foretells, this new United Religion is being advanced on the twin themes of “Peace and Safety”. The time is truly growing short]”

This was that one attendees take on the conference about which he now shares. He obviously is now much more awake. But some will say: who can and why would you argue with this message of peace safety and love. The answer is we can’t, and therein is the danger. That is what makes deception so dangerous. Too many churches are buying into this worlds WOKENESS for this very reason, forgetting that the whole gospel only belongs to the church (not to all religions). The Gospel is not universally preached by all religion, and until one finds Christ they will have no real peace with God, no real eternal love and concern for others, and even when having the fruit of the gospel (the Holy Spirit) there is not promised any “safety” until Jesus returns.

We are not offered these things for this world, but our offer or call is to come out of the world. In Fact our understanding from Scripture is that the world is being deceived, and we are not to buy into its deception. What is interesting surrounding the manipulation that is occurring on so many fronts at this time, is that it is making this our own time resemble the last days or end times.

The Bible does not describe all of the deception or the forms that it takes, but it does describe the deceiver. He appears as an Angel of light. So things he brings before the world are not as they do seem. You will be amazed at the depth of understanding brought forth in todays shared interview, but even knowing these things to be occurring does not allow us to see the whole picture as God sees it.

Our call is to take Christ to the nations, even if that means we lose our peace and our safety, for we can never lose our love — for Him who is in you is love.

The dangers of WOKEISM and the prevalent fake science that the world is being sold today, are evident and they are planned by the enemy to bring about the demise of individual believers, not to mention the demise of the world itself. If the church can be made to fail; then the world automatically fails. This is the deceivers idea behind what we are seeing happen in our time, and his impact is occurring even within many churches.

Quotes are taken from: https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1094.cfm

Should you care to see just a bit more clearly through this clouded glass that we currently see through, then click on the link below. But know this: many forces of deception are at work today, but only one spiritual force is behind them all.

Technocracy author Patrick Wood tells Mike Adams the global takedown of humanity was ALL PLANNED