I am sharing a Substack article today that contains so much proof of the potential for China’s involvement in our election systems, that when we couple this information with the computer phone connections being made between our computer voting systems and China, which Lindell now has presented proof of to anyone in America wanting to know the truth; then there should be no way that we do not eliminate computers from our voting everywhere in our country. But it will not happen for this upcoming election.

What to me is infuriating is the response to what is now a preponderance of evidence which should be all over the news, but which only conservative media covers. The hatred of Trump which has obviously blinded much of the country including the Media; most of our governments political leaders on both sides of the aisle; and about half the country’s population has dire future consequences.

Biden is in power because China hated Trump. Biden’s government is doing the things that they do because China knew that they could control him. China wants American farmland and resources for her future expansion. 87,000 armed IRS Agents is not the American way, but the CCP way. Sending Billions of dollars to the Ukraine is only one of the CCP’s ways of weakening and controlling both the US and Russia. Depleting our military supply and our military oil reserve is another of the CCP’s ways of weakening America at a very crucial time. Controlling American enterprise including even the NBA, is just another way that the CCP is weakening and slowly taking over America. Placing Conservative Christians on the Terrorist list for FBI surveillance is a Godless CCP maneuver not an American one. Raiding and confiscating a former Presidents Home is not an American action, it is a CCP action against the American Constitution. Don’t think for one moment that these things could just happen in America if the CCP were not already convinced that we are theirs. Twenty years ago these things could not have happened.

My question to you is: can the CCP afford to allow this next election to be won by Conservative Candidates? And a secondary question is can you afford to not do everything that you can to get the word out to that part of America that is still asleep. If not don’t say that you have not been warned. The only way that we may save America at this point is to have enough Democrats to understand the problem so as to create polls that are so skewed toward conservative candidates that a steal would be too obvious to commit . Read this attached article. Study it to be sure; then think for yourself. I’m looking forward to the film: My Son Hunter by Robert Davi. I’m not looking forward to what’s coming for Trump, he is likely to be charged with CoVid 19 vaccine deaths and injuries due to his leadership on getting the unsafe vaccines out so quickly. I believe that this is possibly being set up with the Fauci’s resignation.

Is what is now happening in the US the reason that we do not see her influencing the world in Biblical prophecy, which events are closing in around us?