Is my soul vexed? Is yours? The things that are occurring in this nation are vexing the soul of many Christians, and should be vexing the soul of all believers in America today.

Christians are being presented as the haters by the progressive Gay rights movement; by the BLM movement; and this message is picked up by the Democratic Party which has taken up the cause of casting the God of the Bible out of our America.

The result of these actions has brought us Abortion as a form of birth control; child trafficking; drug trafficking; deficits that will never be repaid; interest rates going out of control; supply chain issues; cities that are becoming open sewers; an invasion at our borders; crime running rampant; a media that carries the lies of the lying politicians for the sole purpose of deceiving the general public; vaccines that do more harm than good; politicians who grow rich from their support of the enemies of the people.

Will we help clean up this mess in government? Or will we go the way of other former great nations?

God has said “the fool says in his heart there is no God. The prudent man whose soul is not vexed today should be hard to find.