When I was in my early 30’s I had a dream. At the time I did not know the meaning of this dream. So, to say that — I had a dream, may seem strange. After all, everyone has dreams. So now let me explain: this was a dream unlike any dream that I had had before, and to this day I have not had such a realistic dream as this one dream. It was so vivid and so memorable, and I knew at the time that it was from God, and to this day more than 40 years later I have never doubted that fact.

The dream though vivid was simple, I shared it with only Ellen and very few trusted believers at the time. I have only mentioned it in recent years in passing, but over time I had felt that I would know it’s meaning before I died. I believed in my soul that it predicted the fall of this nation.

The dream was a picture of the United States map which materialized before my eyes out of total darkness, and it appeared as being pure gold, and then just as suddenly as it appeared it disintegrated into nothingness. First crumbling as a piece of shattering glass into smaller nugget like pieces before they all vanished, and what was left was again a total darkness as in the beginning.

I still do not know it’s full meaning, but I am still here, and I seem to be watching the America that I have known disintegrate.

This brings me to the dream that “I did not have”, even as I listed in this title. This dream was shared with me by a couple, who some of my readers know well, Greg and Marge Abbot . I am going to share it here, not because I know that it will happen as stated, but because I shutter at even the thought, still deep down it appears as though it very well could happen, and the reason is because of where we currently are both physically and spiritually in this nation. For this reason I will not discount it. And I only will add that it is so specific, that it will be revealed to be true or false in short order, as you will come as I did to understand.

This is presented here at this time to make you think of the seriousness of these times, and to hopefully cause us to prepare spiritually for an unknown future in America —no matter what that future might involve God is our rock, and our shield.