I listened to this long interview to find why he is not a Trump fan. Having taken this journey, I find his interview to be very fair on most points that he made.

He accurately portrays Trumps unfair treatment by Congress, the Media, and by what Trump calls the deep State.

He accurately portrays the Media as having no inclination to pursue truth, and to be sold out to the progressive movement.

He likewise sees the FBI as a broken mechanism, and basically a pawn of the Democratic Party.

He sees Muller as a has been who is responsible for Trump not being able to communicate with Russia in order to address their issues with Ukraine. He sees him as having been used much as you and I see Biden as being used. He dragged his Russia Gate investigation out over two years, when he knew up front there was nothing wrong. He says that he is responsible for what is now occurring with Ukraine as a result.

He believes that we need a more unifying Republican candidate than Trump for what is a polarized country between far left and right. But will support Trump over any Democrat should he be the nominee. At the same time he sees the progressives as being incapable of seeing truth, other than that of their own making. Just how we might be able to unite in any rational thought with them he never explained. Perhaps he does in the book.

He believes Trump blew the handling of CoVid and the shutdowns by turning the decision making over to Fauci; the CDC and NIH.

He did not get into what would have happened had he bucked these deep staters on their thinking. I think he and we know what would have happened. In my opinion Pence was the big letdown in the mismanagement of CoVid.

He believes the Roe decision will be a good thing because it returns law making from the one size fits all of the Federal to the States where each is deciding what fits their voters.

He did state that there was no evidence of voter Fraud, although he did acknowledge that election rules had been changed and should have been challenged legally up front in the courts. He stated that Trump had been advised to do this, but did not take the advise. He does not see what happened as fraud?

I would challenge his ability to have even been able to determine the no voter fraud statement in the little time that he had to determine that as fact, since it has now taken Arizona’s legislature and separately Lindell 17 months to even get access to and begin to prove the voting machine fraud. He would likely have used the FBI to make that determination on fraud, and even he admits that their leadership cannot be trusted.

Progress is only now being made within the courts on these machines, as I write this. They have evidence but so far not ruled upon evidence. The interview is worth hearing. And now we have a very questionable FBI search, what’s next. We all know fake news. I think it’s backfiring. Trump will actually become more popular unless they find something or plant something? Problem is they have destroyed their credibility, by doing the evil that we expect. Thus proving who they really are.