The comment was on another site on WordPress.

“When I shared something about that baptist pastor calling for all LGBTQIA+ people to be shot and killed in America and how outrageous that was, I have always found it interesting certain conservative and Christian people we know kept silent. Like they were protesting about other stuff, but pointing out that, they were SO silent, like what happened to not supporting such extremism? They had all been “it’s not all of us” before that with other posts, but when I posted about that, they failed to prove it wasn’t all of them by keeping UTTERLY silent about it. They really do need to do some soul searching.” By rue202

My response:

Don’t know how many Christians you have reading your blog? But I find my brothers to be silent on most subjects, many of which should matter. They were silent as those, who are entrenched in what Trump calls the “Deep State”, long ago stole the direction that education has taken for our kids; and that societal norms were taking — being transformed; and the direction that laws were taking — being ignored; and that changes to laws were taking — making them to be apart from the constitution which made us great.

Silence is nothing new for Christian’s. But thankfully many are waking up to what is happening.

The activists in this world are normally on the fringes of the right or left of any movement, or at least they are motivated by those occupying those fringes.

Since Jesus changed the narrative surrounding the law to base it upon forgiveness, believers in him have tended toward live and let live. But when any government becomes partial to either fringe as this one has in this country it brings out a different look at what Scripture teaches.

More Christian’s are awakening today as time progresses to the facts that their children are being stolen intellectually by the left fringe; that the principals that the country was founded upon have moved from the middle ground to the left; that freedom is taking a hard left turn.

This nation was made great because it was founded on a freedom to civilly discuss ideas in order to arrive at truth in religion; in politics. It evolved into a country where one could not discuss religion or politics. And from there it has become entrenched by a left leaning political system, which tends to be anti God, and which sees its opposition as haters, thus disallowing free speech, and even freedom on the religious front. It shuns laws which God gave in the Scriptures for the good of society, thinking it’s truth to be better then God’s. It is molding a society that will eventually fall in upon itself.

As far as killing LGBTQ people that is absurd. But openly objecting to their ideas is the American way. But when it becomes un-american to do so we are in trouble, and no longer engaging in freedom of speech and religion. Because even the Atheist has his religion.

The response to what I stated here was as though it came from both a blind, and deaf man. Enough said.