We can now see and feel both the hope and the hype occurring before us. It is true — there are state legislators signing on to a Republican letter from these legislatures, intended to encourage their fellow legislatures to decertify, but that is by no means a decertification.

The truth is the Arizona evidence though it is being seen and heard about by a majority of Republican voters, and even now by many democrats and independents, still the media and the government are in the hands of the evil that is occurring in not only this country, and they are not giving up and saying uncle. They are still lying to us, and they are governing and reporting as though they are completely Legitimate.

I have been talking about the crossroads for America and our freedom for the last several years. Has anything changed? Yes, we are awakening to what is happening, but things apparently are not bad enough for the fake media to be completely turned off by these Americans, and for the people to stand up and demand the truth from its government, and an accountability from its corporate leaders.

It is only my opinion, but having let things get so bad may just make it too late to return truth and civility to our world without the coming chaos of Tribulation.

We may have slept too long. If you have watched the evil and demented actions of the individuals, who occupy the Deep State and those who were or are their influencers in the Film JFK; which is all based on what is known to have occurred back in the 70’s, and if you then triple that evil, then you may come close to what is occurring today in your government and especially in the Media’s fake coverage. Then you might see just how dire things actually are.

The evil that was hidden then is now proudly and arrogantly on display for all to see. Things do not bode well for we the people in these times. Debauchery has filled the halls of Governments throughout man’s history, but before the 1900’s men coming together could rise up and oppose them. Washington’s army made up of common man, was no different than Gideon’s army. Both were made up of outnumbered average people blessed by God, who opposed their enemy with the very same weaponry as was held in their opponent’s hands. In both those instances it was God, who made the difference.

Other societies have risen up without God, as in the French and Russian Revolutions. But still men were able to wield the same weapons of war as their opponents.

Today men only possess the weaponry of truth and slingshots against an overwhelming and evil enemy, who seems to have gained the power they need in the deep State to openly oppose truth. We must invoke God, because we do not and cannot possess the same offensive weaponry as governments. By our allowing government to become tyrannical as it has, we are seemingly without God’s direction and His intervention, and we are certainly no match against those who have become Luciferian.

Praying for those who oppose the tyranny occurring in the world of the one worlders is our duty as believers today.

Here is my further concern: I’m laying it all out there for you: God who knows the end from the beginning has told us how it will end. A house divided will one day fall. America is divided. The church is corrupted in our message. The church will not fall, but it will be purged. The world is coming together as one against God, His people and His word, and our age is in process of closing.

His word concerning our end is in sight — not because God has yet taken control, but because He knows how we the people will respond in this our day, and He has told us of it in His book.

Our choice individually is to be among the ones in scripture who Jesus calls overcomers. We will overcome Satan and this world with the word of our own testimony, and with the blood of the Lamb . And will love not our lives more than we love God. Lives will be laid down once again because of that love. Victory is not guaranteed in this world. Evil will appear to be winning.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 When people say, “Everything is safe and sound!” destruction will suddenly strike them. It will be as sudden as labor pains come to a pregnant woman. They won’t be able to escape. 4 But, brothers and sisters, you don’t live in the dark. That day won’t take you by surprise as a thief would. (GOD’S WORD)

This will all happen one day, I don’t know exactly how far we are from it, but I can see evil. In that day Evil will appear to be winning. The despicables, who believe in God, will have no influence, to change things, but then God.