A good friend and brother in Christ asked me to comment on a prophetic word that his wife ran across. He asked for my thoughts. This was my reply. I have added a couple of additional thoughts for your benefit. The actual prophecy is located at the bottom of this post, and is slated to occur on or beginning July 17th.

I share this with you to assist you in your own efforts at discernment. Discernment is something we all need in this day.

Brother, I’m not sure that I can be trusted to judge a prophetic word before it’s time.. A Prophet’s words can’t be judged based upon opinion, but upon the words that they speak actually coming to pass. So I’m going to look at the message itself in light of the scriptures that he used here. (You may want to read the prophecy first before continuing)

I like the 64th psalm that he uses, and I do believe we can pray it for ourselves as a body of believers, because God knows: our enemies are like unto David’s.

Beyond that I’ll try not to be to dogmatic, but the Joel 3:2 gathering of nations that he uses, seems to correspond best with what Joel describes as the Day of the Lord located within that passage, and thus with Jesus statement concerning Armageddon in Rev. 16, issued just before His coming on the day of the Lord. Keep this in mind.

Now concerning Zach. chapter 12, it is a passage speaking about events surrounding a given day, which is also considered to be concerning the day of the Lord. You can see in verse 10, that Jerusalem’s inhabitants will look upon her deliverer. And they will mourn Him whom they have pierced. This happens on the day of the Lord.

This then is being tied to what this our modern prophet is now today telling us, listen:

“The Fast of Tammuz falls on July 17! This is the beginning of the DIRE STRAITS – The 3 weeks leading up to the 9th of AV. Historically this is a tragic time for the Jewish People and for Israel. It is the Biblical time that the sin of the golden calf took place, and when Moses ascended to replace the broken tablets. It is also the time that the walls of Jerusalem were breached and many disasters have taken place historically during this time frame. (All of this that he states is true. So now listen). My brothers and sisters, this is not a coincidence. It is a divine convergence. In such a historic moment in time, in the year of JUBILEE, when we are seeing the monumental overturning of major demonic strongholds we are in a time like no other.” (So, is this also true?)

What it seems has happened here is the taking of important future events prophesied by God for His Son’s return to Jerusalem, and making them about the defeat of our enemies in our day, not The day of the Lord? Consider also, this time in the past has meant bad things for Israel, yet, now it is supposed to mean good things for us. He stated: “Historically this is a tragic time for the Jewish People.” (But) “we are seeing the monumental overturning of major demonic strongholds we are in a time like no other.”

So are we seeing this monumental overturning? True we have not seen a time like this before with the rise of evil, but what about history before us? When Satan in the past has deceived man or now attempts to, he always throws in a smattering of truth. We are seeing some victories, but we also see the potential for more turbulent times. So here though it is true that these things will definitely come about on the day of the Lord, can we claim them now?

His support comes from another prophet who sees us the church wielding the two edged sword to defeat those who advocate for the one world government, and the division of Jerusalem. And though it is true that we are to use the sword of the Spirit (the word) to wield against the enemy, it is also know that Jerusalem will be divided before Jesus returns to Himself defeat this enemy with the sword of His mouth.

Now, consider these prophets thusly. We did not get this message from God, they did, or claim to have.

So we need research into any past prophetic words of theirs, otherwise we wait And see if their word comes to pass. This will tell us if one is a true prophet. I have not done the research, but someone should before we buy their message ahead of time. We certainly can pray and fast with them over what is happening, but we cannot be taken in by one, if he is not who he claims to be.

That is of course my opinion. This is my best advise to you the reader when discerning a prophecy: here is the prophecy for your viewing: