Since at least the year 2000, there have been politicians on both sides of the aisle who claim a stolen Presidential election. See the video attached.

The claim of the Trump steal in 2016 was the only one investigated by congress using the tool of impeachments. In spite of their claims the Democrats failed to prove their case.

The 2020 election was the most investigated for the steal by the citizens of our country including many state and federal government workers and politicians. It has been the only alleged steal with sufficient proof to cause investigations within State legislatures, and certain few courts where evidence has been allowed based on standing. Most of those court cases have been civil thus far. They may take years to resolve.

The problem is that neither side of the aisle has trust in the system when they lose. And when they win, they see no reason to investigate further, and they readily dismiss the concerns of the other side. The only answer to restoring trust would require a thoroughly investigated election audit with precinct by precinct recounts, making use of state laws in place at the time of the election.

If we truly believe in governments right to govern; than we must abide by our laws. When government itself fails to abide by its own laws there can be no confidence in government nor in its elections.

The way to resolve the trust issue concerning elections would be to agree ahead of time to audit the voting results of the Presidential election for the next so many election cycles, using the findings to make agreed upon changes which would secure the election and its count.

At the present time it would be expected that if either party were to disagree with such a need to rectify confidence that that party would only do so because they would know that they had much to lose.

We the people therefore should take measures to have this put to a vote in the form of a well crafted question to be placed on the ballot of each state. If we leave this to the politicians to fix, it will never be done.

One thing is certain, neither side trusts the computer counts when they lose. Yet politicians will not fix this because there is no concern when they have won.

The unfortunate consequence of a stolen election can be seen in the following chart where money printing under Biden can be seen to have helped produce inflation which will not soon cease.

Watch the following video. It helps you see why the content of this article is on point: