If there were no God involved in the creation of life; then todays ruling would have restricted freedom. If man were the creator of life; then this ruling would have restricted a woman’s freedom. But man’s free choice to engage or not in free sex is still a choice. Man’s free choice to engage in sex while using contraception is still allowable. What is not allowable is the murder of a God created life. The soul of man is placed in the body of the fetus at conception that fact is made clear in scripture.

If a man has no place for God in his thinking then he has no understanding of life or what it is and is not.

Our constitution protects life first, it provides freedom to choose how one lives and what one believes, but actions against life that are not ordained by God within the rights provided in our constitution are not rights. They would include rights given by God to our Government, which can actually allow government to also become the enemy of God. But if we wish to honor the constitutional rights given us by God to individuals; then we must keep God’s definition of life first at the federal level.

There is still the question: just what will this decision do to the coming elections? It certainly could give democrats a reason to justify another election theft, just as the 2020 election was in their mind justified because of Trump’s direction for the country.