You and I, if we are honest have seen good years of late. What we did with those years may or may not have been so wise as were Joseph’s good years.

God gave Joseph an understanding of a dream that Pharaoh had, which haunted him. You and I are hearing and seeing evidences of coming lean years, if we are listening to and seeing the signs coming forth all around us today. Shortages already exist, but not to the extent that we are hearing may soon come.

You may even be asking as I have: God what are you telling us? What should we be doing? We are now possibly on the brink of global shortages of food. These shortages may last for 7 years if there is the possibility of Tribulation being upon us as I and others see our times developing.

I know some of you believe that you won’t be here. That’s why I’m sharing this Olive Tree video with you. These folks also believe as you may. But before you listen to it consider: what can it hurt for us to stock up on food? Joseph did in Egypt, and God blessed him for it.

This video will reveal what is happening in our world. If you are alert it will also reveal what God is alerting these pastors to do. These pastors, who say that they don’t even believe that they will be here for any of this that appears to be coming, yet they are inspired to suggest storing up food for some reason. What is that reason? I believe it is because discernment comes to us from the Holy Spirit; whereas foolish thought comes from our own thinking apart from God’s Spirit. I am praying that God will assist you with seeing the irony in their message.

The panel discussion following the message presented in the video is informative. The message itself in my opinion makes lite of the serious nature of the evidence provided here, which comes from the recent World Economic Forum. But the content is worth knowing. The seriousness of our times is revealed here, and is worth knowing, and I am called to help you understand our time.