It’s here. Socialism would become communism. Under Communism government can not tolerate free speech. They will not accept criticism. So we have seen Congress woman Marjory Taylor Green censored for speaking what she and more than 80,000,000 citizens thought to be true when examining factual data concerning our election in 2020

We have seen the cancelling out of anyone possessing evidence of election fraud. We saw the stamping down and cover up of the Biden Crime Family involvement with Ukraine; Russia and China.

We have seen the Contribution of almost an equal amount of money as was raised in the 2020 election by the total Democratic Party by one teck giant bent on taking down One man.

Now we have seen the effects of these and many more tyrannical activities: we have run away debt; runaway inflation has begun; a negative GDP; an out of control immigration; the inability to get parts, while sending almost all of our rockets and ammunition to Ukraine; the rest of course were left in Afghanistan; we have experimental drugs being forced on even children who are not effected by any variant of CoVid; A president who is ill equipped to deal with his communist leaning controllers; A President and Congress who are bought by money from outside influencers, one of those being the CCP. We now have college loans being paid by taxpayers, most of whom did not even attend college, and the majority of those who did have paid their own way; We have no guarantee of free elections (where each registered voter is guaranteed one vote and only one vote —to occur at the voters request without purchase or bribe). This is not true in many if not most of our states.

We have had a form of communism for decades in most of our major cities where we have had one party rule. These cities would have failed long long ago if it were not for Federal Government subsidies; and now we have our Federal Government exhibiting Communist Control over information allowed to be shared and understood by its citizens — that would be buy you. Just how much are you willing to allow by extending to them your vote my democratic friend? Elections do have consequence.