As you read this there are a few things that you should consider. When you read the quote below ask yourself the question — is not God what they really are seeking? Sure there may actually be an additional physical factor not yet discovered in the creation. One which helps explain further some of the mystery and certainly further adds to the definite order involved in the creation.

Also as you read this article you will pick up on a paradox. One the Atheist will certainly overlook. That being just how some of the smartest men in the world can possibly see the need for everything working perfectly together and the need for it being perfectly timed and tuned with this startup or Re-startup of their CERN’s Hadron Collider, in order to avoid catastrophic damage to this “their creation”; yet they reject the creator of what was the creation of the universe, which requires a million times over the amount of coordination being done for CERN’s re-Start, in order to avoid the catastrophe resulting in what would have yielded non creation. Or an even greater paradox the thought that man can override God’s plan for man by altering the earths atmosphere in ways that God had not already factored into His prophetic knowledge of creation’s outcome. Think on these things.

“This experiment investigating the disintegration of particles known as beauty quarks discovered that they transformed into muons 15% less frequently than projected.

This implies that there is an undiscovered factor at work in the universe, and many speculate that it is a new form of force tilting the scales. The experiment will be repeated on the upgraded LHC with more sensitive equipment.

‘The stakes are extremely high,’ said Dr Mitesh Patel, a particle physicist at Imperial College London who led the initial research.

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CERN makes public this 2018 snapshot of the LHCb Muon system at the European Organization for Nuclear Research Large Hadron Collider facility outside of Geneva.

‘If we confirm this, it will be a revolution of the kind we’ve not seen – certainly in my lifetime. You don’t want to mess it up.’

In 2018, the researchers estimated that the chances of the discovery occurring by chance were one in a thousand, but the gold standard is one in 3.5 million for the declaration of a new force of nature.”

I wonder just what force they might come up with. Don’t be at all surprised if it is not somehow Satanic.

Scientists Begin Hunt For A Fifth Force Of Nature As Large Hadron Collider Fires Up For The First Time In Three Years