President Trump was harassed from day one for doing the right thing for America. The things that he did not do so well mainly involved his handling of CoVid, and part of the reason for that was due to certain of the Democrats pushing every day for his impeachment.

He allowed a weak response to CoVid by VP Pence. Delegating the handling of CoVid, and Pence put no one on his task force who knew anything about the treatment side of disease and the effects of allowing shutdowns of treatment for other illnesses including mental health issues from those shutdowns and the masking debacle.

Those influential Americans in the Medical and economic fields, who saw what was occurring and who attempted to expose it were cancelled; yet now we see that what they saw and reported, which was being cancelled and called conspiracy theory, was very much true.

The Media and big Tech would not let one negative report see the light of day concerning Democrats and the Biden’s. Yet they were the ones actually doing the very things that Trump was being impeached and accused of doing, with no proof. The Biden scandal with Ukraine was known then, but only now is seeing its way into the media and the light of day.

The leadership in the Democrat party and the people that they have put into leadership positions in this nations bureaucracy have sold out American capitalism, in favor of Socialism. This is why those with eyes to see both Democrat, Republican, and even Independents call them the Deep State. This is also why the election of 2020 had to be fixed by this deep State in order for it to remain in power. These criminals did everything that they could to hide their actions during Trump’s first Presidency, because they knew that he had come to clean the swamp of these creatures. Their steal of this election is now having dire consequences for not only America but for the world. Any one including the Swamp creatures can see it.

It is my concern that they like cornered rats will commit the same theft of congressional elections in 2022 that they got away with for the presidency in 2020.

The Democratic owned Deep State is a misnomer. It is really a communist China owned Deep State, with far too many owned congressional leaders from both the Republican and Democrat parties, and now they for sure own the presidency. Watch and weep unless you before then do something about it.

The real reason Biden won’t go to Ukraine- Greg Kelly Reports