— What’s Happening:

As you know I’m a Bible student, I don’t lay claim to teacher status, because I know just how much that I really don’t know. But I do understand other things that the Bible talks about: such as the condition of man without morals. Issues with power, and too much power in the hands of too few, Supply chain economics, Man’s character without the God factor, Proper leadership.

These things and more are factors that make society work. And mixed in with the obvious are love, grace, discipline, forgiveness and judgment, and just how these are effectively administered.

What is happening today has to be seen in light of the factors which make us civil in our interactions with one another. What makes a society break down is the loss of certain of these factors which effect the civility of a given society.

Can I list some of the circumstance of our day that are endangering our society.

1. Too much wealth in the hands of too few.

2. The removal of proper consideration for the laws of God from the administration and education of our society

3. The tearing down of social order: no borders; no common language; craters in our supply chain; barriers to food production, which will continue to effect supply; man existing paycheck to paycheck with no prior need to build up for a rainy day. Inept leaders, who either have no ability to understand the civil workings of society or else are possessed of something much more sinister.

Some of these things are being looked at in the podcast that I share today. We can ignore what’s happening in our world, but to do so could actually lead to a worse case scenario. Things are being pursued today by inept world leaders, who either may or may not know what the impact of their decisions could lead to.