If the church is not sickened by what is happening to our little ones in our public schools; then may God help us, as He surely will bring this country down to its knees should we continue down this road. And if the church should not now be appalled, I doubt that it will seek His mercy.

How Oh Lord have we fallen so far so fast? How can a people called by your name be either so oblivious or so unconcerned about the happenings involving these little ones?

How can we have allowed those influenced by the Demons of hell to permeate the leadership positions in our Countries education system? And where God are the Christian educators in all of this? How can it be that we are just beginning to speak out concerning these things — it is so late in this game? Or have your people in those positions (who know) been so willingly delinquent, and been so lacking in Your wisdom that they could not bring themselves to cry foul.

What we are now being made aware of has not just suddenly entered upon the scene in these classrooms. And yet even now that we know — just where is the outrage, where is the massive action? Where are the parents pulling their children out of these snake pits, and away from these witch doctors?

Are we in this nation so debauched that we will willingly allow those of our children, those who have escaped the abortion clinics and were allowed to be born; only then to be sacrificed to the ways of the god Molech?

Why is there no outrage at what is happening here? If we do not fall to our knees in the churches before our God; then there will be no deliverance for this nation. Lord forgive us for not praying as we should; for not loving others as we should; for not admonishing one another. We need you in this time of our nations demise. Hear our prayer Oh Lord. Jesus you created all things. Heal our land and our people.