Joel Rosenburg continues his pre-Tribulation Rapture narrative. And although I love his ability to communicate in a fiction that he is able to bring alive and almost create reality to the reader, still I am baffled that one so talented and well versed in scripture cannot see where his narrative goes haywire when compared to scripture.

In his novels Joel has established the seat of World government in the city of Babylon in Iraq in keeping with his own personal beliefs. Why? — because Revelation literally names Mystery Babylon as the vehicle turned seat of the Antichrist system, which controls the economy and the religion of a future time known as the Tribulation. So in the novels he has destroyed the cities of New York and Washington along with other major cities in an atomic attack on America, in order to have the seat of World government relocated to Babylon.

What about his beliefs would require this relocation of the UN and it’s one World government to Babylon? — I’m sure that it is because he wants to be literal to the Scriptures as we all do.

But America today is the Prize that the world seeks which is surrounded by water. She impacts the world economically, and she is a mixture of all the world religions that will one day soon yield to that one forced upon her religion. Though it is true that America was not a prominent part of the ancient world; and that she had no part in the killing of the prophets and saints — but could it be that we are overlooking something important?

The DNA of the entire world has over our history rushed into this country. We are a melding pot of peoples and their sins, as well as every know religious system including the occult. Religiously we represent what one might expect to be the harvest of an unfettered religious freedom with seemingly no boundaries. We are the only country in the world today that, if we were to fall we would likely take the whole world down with us economically. We buy the world’s goods, and store much of the world’s wealth. We are a microcosm of all of the world’s vices and evils. Contained within these borders are representatives of all of the isms that have ever come against God’s people the saints.

And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all who have been slain on the earth.” Revelation 18:24 NASB, Could this have possibly been said concerning the nation Babylon? Is it possible that we do represent the DNA of Revelations criteria?

So although Joel is attempting to remain true to a literal statement of scripture is he completely wrong in his identification of this mystery Babylon?

So identifying just who this “mystery” Babylon is may be, or may not be so easy as many lead us to believe.

There also, is a large group of former Catholic’s today who are believers, who have come out of Catholicism, and they are seeing the Catholic Church as the Antichrist System. I believe them to be only partially correct. Today’s ecumenism requires a falling away from truth, which falling away is a fulfillment of prophecy, and the Catholic Church is possibly leading the way in false prophecy; but she only represents the religious whore atop the beast system, which will bring the Antichrist system to power. Thus, I and others see the Catholic Pope as a false prophet. One day one Pope and it may be this one will be seen as “The” False Prophet of Revelation pointing the world to a false Christ, who will be the Antichrist.

The Apostle Paul says that this Antichrist will come before the day of the Lord (2 Thessalonians 2). He also tells us that the day of the Lord itself will come forth surprising the world, which will not escape the destruction that will come on this day of the Lord. But at the same time this day will not surprise us (His children) (1 Thessalonians 5). The destruction that the day brings will be God’s wrath on wicked and evil men putting an end to Armageddon. And, although, Paul does not tell us why it will not surprise us, who are the people of God, as told us in this very verse; it must be because the signs of this very day’s coming are made clear in scripture, and they will lead to Messiah’s appearing on this very day of the Lord — His day.

We are told to watch, for the exact time of His coming is not known to any man. The signs of His coming therefore have been given us to alert us. These will keep us from being in darkness as to this time. We wait for our blessed hope. The Revelation of Christ to us, and the revealing of the sons of God to a groaning creation. We are a major part of the creation which groans, and yes, longs for His coming. As the time draws nearer the groaning will worsen. Even so come Lord Jesus.