I’m constantly challenged about truth. Truth is not easily determined when everyone has their own. But can one just ignore the facts that are stated by the perpetrators themselves? Perpetrators such as Klaus Schwab, who wrote the book “The Great Reset”. He actually wrote the book. You can look it up, but there are those who don’t want the public to know it, so they call any talk of the Great Reset a “conspiracy theory”. You get the point.

In the same way you are not to listen to Joe Rogan, nor to his guest on this post I’m sharing. They have both been cancelled. There are fact checkers, who make them both out to be crazies. That is all that it takes for most of the sheep to be led to slaughter. It’s just that easy. I hear back from friends and from family to inform me that they basically don’t believe any of the stuff I share. Most of it they don’t read or listen to, because of the source I’m sharing it from. Some of you are very loyal to this blog. You may not buy everything, because you are seeking truth just as I do, but when seeking you must consider all sides. Most sheep would rather let others do the thinking for them. So even though I tell you that hearing this is more important to you than your bank account; still you will not listen. And it is largely because of that attitude portrayed in our country today that I have come to think that what is being said in this article will not end in its best case scenario, but in it’s worst.

Also understand that I am not advocation for Rogan’s language. Even so, what is revealed here is a must be understood scenario in order to have any chance of combating it.


Maajid Nawaz & Joe Rogan || Last hour of the podcast