You’ve heard it from Doctors. You’ve heard it from Immunologists. You’ve heard it from Let’s call them low volume News Networks, although they are growing because they report the truth. And you’ve heard it from Blogs like my own.

But now you are hearing it from Nurses who actually treat these patients. If you still can’t get it, it’s not because you are a fool; instead it’s just because you are as Jesus said blind and can’t hear.

What you need to know is that we forgive you for being so bull headed, because we can understand that this response which has occurred to this virus and it’s treatment is so un-American that it is unbelievable. And because it is so un-American, we need to make sure that heads roll for this criminal action on the part of money grabbing Governmental officials; Hospital administrators; and Pharmaceutical Companies. If we don’t we all are the idiots.

Thank you Ron Johnson for what you are doing.

This is a must see and hear short video straight from Congress.