Will they be heard?

Just how important is it to you that people stand for what they believe, and against what causes them concern. After all this is exactly what brought us our freedoms in the very beginning of this nation.

This interview of two pharmaceutical employees, who are party to an ongoing litigation, which is requiring of them considerable sacrifice, and at the same time, by their actions, they are proving to each of us just how important it is to maintain governance by the people in this United States of America.

Politicians today are gaining riches from large Pharmaceutical companies such as this one. In fact Corporate America owns our politics. This was the one reason above all others why Donald J Trump was so hated by those in both political parties. No one could buy DJ Trump.

The News outlets are also controlled by Corporate America, because it’s all about money. They too hated Trump. At another time in our countries history laws were passed to keep such power away from corporations. This was done by controlling the size and reach of any one of them. We do not see that in our time.

If we the people do ever regain Government control, we then must insist that we turn the clock back on these Huge companies. And we must insist on the oversight and prosecution of any and all Representatives of the people, or any government worker, or any contractor who profits from any legislation enacted on behalf of this United States.

This is a most important interview. Click on the link, not the picture.

INSIDE Big Pharma: employees say their careers have been made into a lie | Ep. 9