Bob. I was wrong in believing in the American system of Justice, I was wrong to think that Election Fraud could be proven in American courts, when, in fact, that was an impossibility, given the state of America in the year 2021. Father God I come to you in prayer asking for your forgiveness for believing in the American system as a provider of freedom, when in truth you are our only salvation and provision for freedom. Forgive me for not placing my entire trust in you alone. On the other hand Father thank you for the truth that keeps coming out concerning the CoVid experiments, I pray that all engaged in this crime against the freedom and grace that you planned through natural creation will be punished yet in this life in spite of a woke deceived society.

Our agreement is included here near the bottom of this post. The agreement was that one of us would apologize if a fraudulent election was or was not proven “in the Courts”. Your stipulation was that it be proven in court. I agreed to that not knowing that the courts would just refer it to the state legislatures. I am keeping my word on this because I think my word kept to be of utmost importance. I have submitted this apology in spite of the fact that the courts have refused to hear these cases. Their refusal is not based on evidence, but on standing. It makes sense that the courts not hear these cases since the State Legislatures are responsible for the certification of elections.

My belief was and still is that due to what happened in this election the country was and still is in store for its own demise without getting to the bottom of the 2020 election. The fact that this proof has not been accepted in court does not change the truthfulness of the allegations or it’s gathered evidence.

And I think we are seeing that the result of what took place in the election is playing out today in the total corruption of our government. And what we see is partly due to the yet unproven stolen election, which is thus far an unproven set of facts; although it seems that Dominion is now proven to have broken some state laws by wiping voter records from their machines. This fact it seems will at some point be decided in the courts.

Judges are hearing cases surrounding Dominion at long last, and truth will come out in those cases.

Back to the apology I made. Obviously I was wrong if our agreement is the only grounds for truth in the voter fraud/stolen election question. But fortunately it will not be this way forever, as the swing states are now moving to look into the votes from 2020.

We are both attempting to become more like Jesus who was full of Grace and Truth.

You believe me to “over emphasize” truth at the expense of Grace. But truth cannot just be overlooked. Truth is:

◦ It has now been proven by actions that Biden is not even as popular as Trump. He is not the most intelligent and perhaps is the least beloved President in many many decades. He of course, will be judged based upon his contribution to needed progress toward the demise of partisan politics which he promised. Under him we have obviously come together as a somewhat divided United blue States in America, where there is dedication to the rise of minority groups at the expense of anyone in those states who might be disagreeing with race and gender issues. Additionally there is the rise of the United red States dedicated to the demise of the Communist leaning Party in control at present, and to the return to constitutional governance. The Grace part of this is that we in the red states are allowing anyone to move here from the blue states, who happen to oppose the Democratic tyrants, and they are coming.

As we view what has taken place, I guess I was wrong for supporting a president who fought for lower gas prices when we apparently really needed higher prices to slow pollution, I guess the Grace here was so that the Russian oil revenue could go up at the expense of those of our own nation who will not live as well as they once did. Other parts of the world when we moved toward energy independence also are seeing a lower standard of living.

I was wrong wanting a law and order society when we really needed riots and thefts against white Americans and all small business store fronts no matter what their race or creed in order to give the rioters justice for the sins of former generations who held slaves.

I was told that I was wrong supporting border control when what we must have needed was open CoVid spreading borders and the furtherance of our illegal drug supply, and more foreign criminals to be infiltrating our nation. Therefore I’m really being gracious in offering the apology that I did.

I was really wrong thinking election fraud would be easily proven rampant considering all the facts given out over the first six months of 2020. I underestimated the power of evil at work in our nation.

What really was needed was the fortitude to stand opposed to Trumps removal, which had been accomplished by enemies both foreign and domestic, and which was done at any cost to the electorate, and to the children of this country.

I was really wrong in thinking that News could eventually be reported fair and balanced, when what most apparently really was needed was a media that would protect us from the truth at all costs including the costs surrounding our constitutional freedoms.

I was wrong in thinking that the truth (that the Chinese associated with Fauci had covered up the virus leaks in order to allow the progressives to steal an election from the American people) and that that truth would ever come out in the WOKE media we currently live with and rely upon.

I never thought that this would be accepted; when the reality is that our people have been protected from this news even at the cost of Communist style dominance over our nation and that that would be thought to be far better than the Truth coming out. Obviously the truth would destroy the dominance of progressives over our faltering democracy.

So in keeping with the truth side of Jesus pointing us toward grace and truth, I will just say that the people without true repentance toward God will get what they want, God has always allowed the people to bring judgment upon themselves, when it becomes apparent that they seem to love lies more than they love the truth.

2 Thessalonians 2:12 Then everyone who did not believe the truth, but was delighted with what God disapproves of, will be condemned. (GOD’S WORD)

So, in keeping with Grace I say: Please accept my sincere apology, for wanting truth to reign supreme in this land. I now better realize that man’s failure to desire truth will lead to God’s will being done in the judgment of man, but that will only happen when He has run out of grace for peoples who despise the truth.

I truly do apologize to you Bob for causing you any undue grief, and for casting aspersions upon you. I know that you truly believe that you are right in all of this. You are still free to hold that belief, at least for the time being. Thank God that you are still able, for conservatives are not still completely able. Even though the courts have not upheld the stolen election allegation that I and others have made It does not change the facts that are ignored on this subject, and since truth is one half of the Grace and Truth goal of being like Jesus, I cannot deny what is known to be true concerning election fraud. Nor will I. Jesus represented the Truth crucified, but that was for our and for God’s purposes. Today we need both Grace and Truth in order to survive as a nation.

As promised, here is the discussion between Bob and myself concerning the apology needed from one of us by one year following Biden’s inauguration.

This was my statement:

Bobs response:

Unfortunately nothing of the facts has been allowed to be proven in court because the courts refuse to hear these cases, which have been brought to them. The rejections have been for lack of standing and various other reasons. So we just don’t know for sure if a case can or cannot be proven. There are forensic audits being held today in certain states, because of the proof presented to legislatures, but no outcome as of yet. Therefore in fairness I felt that I do owe an apology to Bob. Sorry, but this is the best I can do in keeping with full disclosure and truth, and realizing that we also owe each other Grace. Bob is my brother in Christ. I do not wish to in any way harm him. I do apologize to him for anything within my posts which would cause him to think less of Our Lord. I was definitely wrong in my thinking that this country was more interested in truth than in politics. Apparently not so, and I was definitely wrong for having that mindset. If I have led anyone in any way to think that Trump was the only way to preserve freedom in this country I apologize. This has never been about one man on this earth, but rather about the condition of men within this nation, which just may be the reason for its fall, should they not come to the knowledge of the truth, concerning their own sin, and God’s provision for it. Only God can save this Nation even as only He can save us individually.

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