I read Brian’s blog almost every day. I have learned to love him, as a true brother in Christ. I have shared his words of wisdom on several occasions. This post is a prophecy from before I met him here on WordPress. I read it this morning, and immediately the words rang true in my spirit. We need to heed the words of our creator. He loves us. Obey His word. His judgments always come to turn his people back unto Him. Consider these things, and fear not what must be in order to prepare the bride — His bride. In true repentance there is life eternal, and enough repentance brings revival. God’s will be done.

Love you. Jp

THE THINGS TO COME 2016 This is a Word from the Lord given to me on February 26, 2016, which I have reposted (SEE this link for the original: Things …

The Things to Come 2016