This was written 19 days ago. “I’m in the Hospital today with Ellen, who is undergoing a heart Cath. Interestingly there was no CoVid test given today Monday for the patient, and no questions about symptoms for her or for me. We both are required to wear masks. The nurse has her mask on, but it’s below the nose. I just imagine that most medical professionals are well aware that CoVid is not for most people a life threatening disease. Perhaps it’s because we are in Fla. that this is the case. The hospitals here are not overloaded with patients, and this state has been open for a long time.

Waiting for Dr, will see how he is garbed up.

Had a procedure scheduled for 1:30, its now 3:10 no anesthesia consult, and no Dr consult yet? Just heard one more still ahead of her. The first scheduled for the Dr has taken much longer than it should have. This is going to be some day. Ellen has had nothing to drink since this am. Feel sorry for her.

She returned from here heart Cath with two Stents at 6 pm. I left to go home for my meds at 7:30, when I returned after 8:30 the hospital entrance was locked with a sign enter through the emergency room. I did and it was crowded. I was told with CoVid patients.”

Since the new strain is so infectious, I fully expected to get it. But we are now 19 days out, and the only symptoms that I have had after waiting 10 minutes with CoVid patients in the ER for admittance to Hospital, has been a stuffy nose, for which I fake an H2O2 mixed with saline nose spray.

These notes in hospital were taken two weeks ago, today I decided to share the experience, because I believe it to be telling.

You should know that both Ellen and I are on a regimen of supplements for building our immune system. We take those daily. They include Vit D; zinc; and quercetin. These are not only used to prevent but to cure the virus.