This question recently came from a friend and occasional reader, who was corresponding with me over instant messenger. I thought that others might also be interested in the answer I gave. So here is the question.

My answer follows. The question was prompted by a statement that I had made conserving what I think could be the nearness of the Tribulation, which proceeds the Lord’s coming to earth.

“As to the time line there is evidence according to scripture that I use within my individual posts. But even considering evidence there is still room for debate as to the actual dates (I never set dates) on God’s clock, which are unknown as you have implied here.

But what was told to Daniel concerning the times of that coming is a clue in Chapter 12, where he was told to seal his book until the time of the end when men would run to and fro and knowledge would be increased. The Hebrew word used for increased there indicates a great increase. The other signs would be the falling away from the faith, which is certainly occurring here in America. One other, which I have watched is the spread of the gospel. This I tend to attach to what Wycliffe is doing with translating the gospel into the known languages. Ellen and I have been helping with support for Wycliffe for probably 30 years. They have this goal to have all languages complete by 2025. When I last asked, I was told that they are ahead of this target. Jesus stated that He will not return until all of Mankind have the gospel.

There are other signs just off stage. I have written recently about some of the Jewish signs in various posts, but for example a perfect red heifer is needed for the ashes ceremony to begin sacrifices in the Jewish Temple (when it is built). They will not build the Temple until they have all that is needed, and these ashes are among those things. As of right now they have three or four potential red heifer calves or yearlings that they are watching for imperfections. Also it has recently been discovered that the Temple was probably not built on the location where the Dome of the Rock is located, but instead the Roman Legion was likely located there, and the Temple was nearer to the only spring that feeds water to Jerusalem. They now based on biblical information know the Temple location, which is above but near that spring.

I had also just recently posted on the Ark of the Covenant location. The Ark was located in the Solomon Temple. It’s present location is now stated to be known. Also all of the Temple implements and utensils are now prepared and are in storage.

The gospel is being established in Israel, and there are now over 600 mostly small Messianic congregations located in Israel. The other scriptural issue that I think are occurring today involve the rejection of the gospel, as Atheism, pornography, and pure evil is growing even in the face of more and more scientific evidence supporting creation and the Bible. There is no question that persecution and evil is on the rise.

The fact that China would rise to a powerful position has been taught all of my life within the Baptist churches that I attended early on in my life. China is now there. Revelation speaks of the 200,000,000 man army from the East that will cross the Euphrates River toward Israel. There are many many Biblical signs that our time is growing short before the Lord will return. Some of these were what caused me to start writing years ago concerning prophecy, hoping that at some point God could use what I write to reach my family even if I’m gone before it all happens.

I don’t know if any of this helps with your question. The prophetic posts that I make do have the scriptural backing which makes them prophetic. Don’t know if you have explored the site when you visit a given post or not. But hope this helps.”

There was one driving force behind what drives me that I had left out. It involves the actual happenings listed in the Revelation that are seemingly close at hand, unless God Himself delays them. Revelation speaks of a united world governance, we are hearing of a New World order. Revelation speaks of large percentages of the World dying. We are hearing Doctors and immunologists tell us that the vaccines being given could cause abnormal large scale deaths in the future. We call such events taking place in short spans of time plagues.

There are so many more things in scripture that speak to our times converging upon the Revelation events. I have written posts here about the Ancient Jewish wedding; about various interpretations to prophetic Scripture. I attempt to stick with the meat of the scriptures dealing with each prophetic point that is raised. No one thing will bring us into the Tribulation, but the convergence of the many will allow us as believers to see our times if we are looking.