I have communicated with all manner of Christian Brothers concerning Prophetic stuff. I say stuff, because some of what I hear is just that. Recently I received a video which I will share with you in a minute. This video quite honestly scared me a bit as I was viewing it, even though I know that our time may be leading us to the Tribulation of which Jesus speaks. But I did not think it to be as near as this Teacher is telling me. So listen (it’s not long), and then return for the rest of the story:

After listening, I wanted to know more. I had listened to Tom’s Friday post with James Kaddis, and it was the same but on steroids. So, before I shared these happenings in the same vane as they have, I still wanted to hear more of the actual speech. Here it is, and neither is it long:


So, now what might be your thoughts? I heard things a bit differently when I heard the full context. It seemed to me that the “his” in question by Tom and James, was generic for the business leaders, who apparently are thought to have more resource and better credibility, than the governments who are pushing the green agenda. It seemed to me that the war reference was to emphasize to the audience the extent of the push that would be necessary to motivate all who are concerned?

When I was young I was often motivated by such teaching as Tim’s. And as I matured I annualized this stuff against scripture, and it became a different type of motivation: it pushed me hard to seek for the truth from scripture of what to look for in these our times.

So what is your understanding? Am I missing what Tom and James are hearing? Or is it possible that the same ones, who cherry pick their scriptural proof based upon what they want to believe, would also read into current events what they want to see and hear? Is it possible that this is why their teachings reach into the millions in a months time, while mine might reach just over a thousand in that same time.

There will be an Antichrist, who will rise above but likely at the same time from the many Antichrist figures that we see in action today. But Jesus was clear in my thinking that we are looking for him who is the abomination of the desolation that will occur in the Temple yet to be built.

It is also my thinking that these idiots who govern this world will need to mess things up a bit more before they are ready to give over their own power over this world to any one man. But then time will tell won’t it. It always does.