I’m sharing with you two messages. — One sent me by my brother (I love this man so much, he has such wisdom), He has been vaccinated along with his wife. The second sent me by Shawn my son. He had just visited his mom and I, and passed along his wisdom to us both. If you really want to understand what is happening, and then the Science surrounding it you owe it to yourself to listen to both.

The first from Richard my brother:

The second came with this text from Shawn:

“Dad, I know you are already skeptical of the vaccines, but it may be worse than suspected. The actual interview with the doctor begins at about 17:20. Very important info about long term health. Take notes, because you are about to get an entire year’s lesson in immunology with Dr. Dan Stock. While the short-term effects of the shots have devastated many, Dr. Stock explains how almost everyone – especially those getting multiple boosters – will experience long-term damage to their immune systems. He explains exactly how the shots destroy your immune system, downregulate your cytotoxic T cells, and potentially create cancers and auto-immune diseases. Shawn”

* Episode Download link (99 MB):