And after it happens, whatever it is, will it then be too late to recover?

Today, my wife was told by her best friend from high school, someone that she has kept in contact with all these years, that something that she had forwarded to her was not wanted. Ellen had sent by mistake a NewsMax article to me by text, at least “she thought”, but she somehow had pasted it on her friends thread as she was sending it.

I overheard the request from her friend over the phone, and it got me thinking. Just how far gone from reality are we actually in this country?

Her friend’s reason for objecting to NewsMax was they can’t be trusted. I also keep in touch with her husband and I know that he has expressed the same sentiment to me about “all” of the internet news. He indicates that he occasionally watches Fox to get the drift of what’s being stated, then he runs, I guess, it through the filter of his favorite media. His latest favorite for news is CBS, I think.

I’ve been watching CBS, and none of what has been happening in the real world is told in truth there. Nothing that really matters that is.

For example In the interview of Dr Adam Brown’s in a clip on the recent discovery of the Omicron strain of CoVid in the U.S., it is interesting where the emphasis was placed as to what this will mean for us. You probably guessed already.

Now, here are the facts from Africa and the Drs interviewed by NewsMax this “not to be trusted” conservative media: -the strain is more infectious. -It is less severe.

-It is more resistant to the vaccines.

The emphasis then took into account all three of these facts or points. Their take then was reported based on the history of viruses.

-They all mutate,

-becoming less severe;

-becoming more infectious and -becoming more resistant to vaccines

-requiring ongoing vaccine tweaks.

This is actually good for us to know.

As you will see in The CBS news clip, they told us that the first U.S. case was a mild case, which comports with the African Doctor’s description of her findings, and as she was the one who discovered this strain, that could be an important fact — all that she treated, who had it had mild cases.

But though the reporting by CBS acknowledge this fact, yet their emphasis at CBS was on two points

-the strain being more infectious and

-more resistant to the vaccine, with nothing being stated about the history of viruses.

So, the bottom line for CBS watchers was wear your masks, and get your vaccines and boosters, and of course lockdowns are possibly on the way. And as we know that goes right along with the Biden plan for possible future lockdowns. Keep them scared, and they will do anything that you ask of them.

Needless to say common sense is nowhere in view on the liberal side of the isle, or with the liberal media and their viewers.

Trump was maligned by the left for his actions, and the deaths from CoVid, yet there are more reported CoVid deaths after vaccination this year than last, and there is no blame for Biden by the Liberal Media. Why? — because they don’t report those deaths in the same fashion, if at all.

Under Trump the liberal media reported multiple times a week on the Border; under Biden it’s practically a non issue.

So long as people support the liberal Media and government it cannot bode well for a free America, yet folks like our friends are happy to give up almost any freedom in order to rid ourselves of a virus that did not kill even half the people that it is reported to have killed.

The hospital treatment protocol for any patient unlucky enough to go to hospital is responsible for more deaths than the virus.

Most healthy people who stay away from the hospital will not die after contacting this virus, and none will die from CoVid given proper treatment.

View the CBS clip:

You may also enjoy this one; another that you will not see on CBS.