I often criticize Terry’s pre-Trib thinking, as I’ll, I’m sure do in this post, but the piece that he writes is worth considering in spite of his one illogical statement, which is only illogical because of his emphasis on an imminent return without any preconditions. So what has he stated that is illogical? It’s actually just a fleeting thought in light of his entire article which I share because the article is good. Not in the sense of good for us as a society, but good in the sense that it assesses reality. So I’ll conclude the poke, and then you can enjoy the article.

Early on he states that we can see (because of the signs, I would presume), the onrush of our society toward the midnight hour. Of course the illogical part must be that if there is a midnight hour, and there is: for God knows the day and the hour; then it is not imminent especially since we are given signs of, and are told that we are not in darkness concerning it’s times and seasons. For only then amidst those signs can it become imminent.

Now that you know my only objection, the article is informative.