The men, who were in the Trump Administration, are becoming the proof that American Government is turning to Communist tactics. Communist and third world countries punish their enemies. The beginning of Communism’s rise here was seen in the falsehoods perpetrated upon the Trump Administration. When that did not work it became a stolen election, but now we see what happens after they steal elections. Why do they do what they are now doing? – obviously so that those enemies cannot rise up again to oppose them. The fear that these tactics instills into the opposition also is clearly hoped to be a hinderance to any formidable future opposition.

Will these tactics work in America? So far they are not stopping an organized opposition, but such tactics as those being taken today against one of the main forces for truth in the opposition, will make clear where we go as America. My concern is as I have stated all along — if Christians are not concerned enough to repent before God; and raise up His banner for freedoms that He guaranteed; and for righteousness over the evil we see; then God may make things much worse before they get better. Turning to God is our only hope.

Somehow, I don’t know exactly how, but it seems to me that it has happened that American Christians somewhere along the course of history have basically come to the conclusion that we would never experience tribulation of any sort — no matter what the scripture has stated. If that thinking was and is based on the fact that we are God’s favorite fair haired children then we may have lots to learn.

Christians of the first century; Christians of the Middle Ages; Christians of Europe during the pre-colonization days, and Christians of the Colonies all experienced Tribulations. Are we different? Time will tell. But because we think that God only blesses and never allows tribulation; even when we are undeserving; then we just become pew sitting, no action, Bible toters.

This video tells the story of the near miss that happened to save the country, which occurred on Jan 6th. The plan would have worked. It should have worked. It could have worked. So why did it not work?

My thoughts are these: God knew of this plan, and He knew where we were going without it succeeding; but He must not have thought that Blessed Christianity had it within us to carry on the work needed to justify the extension of the blessing. And I further believe that He considered that our easy believism carried out in past practices had so allowed the hardening of the soil around us that only extreme measures will work to break up that soil, and hopefully turn the easy believism into total commitment, and the rocky soil to fertile ground.