What is the story right now about to be occurring on the World stage from a Biblical perspective? Right now I have only speculation to offer. But I can tell you that whatever it is — it is BIG.

A man you may have never heard of, Philippe Argillier is approaching the world stage from just behind the curtain. He is of European decent, and is involving himself in, if successful, the solution to what will likely be seen as the salvation of American and World politics, and this is coming at a time when the world teeters on the verge of not just economic chaos, but political Chaos. He would if successful be seen as key to the salvation of the world from Communist socialism. He would then be seen by a large portion of the church as the key to saving the world from the New World Order.

He is a soft spoken billionaire and the self proclaimed owner of the Keys to the Kingdom.

He owns “Four Databases” that we are told by him represent these Keys. As you listen to this interview you will be told that a Shadow Government which is controlled by 38 individuals is the mechanism which controls the world, and that these 38 are responsible for having stolen the recent elections of 40 countries. Ours being the crown jewel of those elections. His claim is that what he owns is already allowing him to impact the take down of portions of this Shadow Government. A behind the scenes powerful group, which is over even the deep state in the U.S.

As I have listened and prayed about what you will hear, these are my thoughts:

Either this which is being promised is real, in which case the world will be saved possibly for a post millennial type reign of good as represented in his closing comments:

“It is all about Love, Peace and Justice.”

Or, he is the one relegated to being the false savior offering a false security; a false freedom and a false peace preceding what is prophetic to the coming of Christ. You will definitely want to listen to this one, and decide on what you believe to be coming through his current and future planned actions.

I’m not trying to tell you which way to believe. Just trying to make you think.

The link to this interview is at the very bottom of this post and comes to us through Juan O Savin’s Rumble Site.

Oct 22 2021 – Maria Zack w/ Philippe Argillier & James Grundvig – Shadow Govt Takedown