If you are poor, and live anywhere but in these United States of America today and did not pack your bags; then you are as big a blooming idiot as Joe Biden. You have just hit the lottery. You knew that the United States was rich and the land of opportunity, but you can’t pass up a half million dollars.

But what they didn’t convey to you is the fact that most blacks, and Hispanics will never in 5 lifetimes accumulate this much money.

My father worked from the time he was 8 years old until he was 70. He owned 4 different businesses. And had very little more when he retired in accumulated wealth than Joe Biden is planning to give illegal aliens. This government has got to be stopped.

My wife and I together had little more when we retired than Joe Biden is planning to give away to each illegal alien separated from family.

If you voted for this idiot, you need to be ashamed of what you have created. This man did not win and it’s time that you rise up and shout at the top of your lungs that you did not vote for this farce of a leader, and demand that he be impeached.

If you have any decency left within you, and still see yourself as an American you need to wake UP. Time to rise up and save a country for your kids.