A question every American should ask, is why are there healthcare workers including Doctors all over the country refusing to take the shots? 150 Huston Methodist Hospital healthcare workers, as you know, have been dismissed for not taking the CoVid shots. They are currently involved in litigation against the hospital. Newsmax Chris Salcedo interviewed two of them this week. They presented personal testimony to the effect that they see and treat people with serious reactions to these shots. So why are these shots being pushed so hard? The medical Doctor interviewed stated that his group is still treating vaccinated patients having CoVid infection. These facts are currently attempted to be silenced and they are creating high levels of conflict within our country. I’ve just started reading a book on high conflict, sent to me by my friend; and it concerns high conflict’s cancerous effect on any who are engaged within it. It makes scientific sense. The only way out is to ask the right questions in an effort to tone down the rhetoric. But we are still cancelled, even then. Will that not eventually lead to high conflict? Is that then their purpose?