In my book, which was the vehicle that brought this blog to life in 2016, I presented the case for Tribulation having a specific purpose from God for His people and the world. When it comes it is to be the time of identity separation. For the bride, it is the time to make herself ready. and for the rest of humanity it is the time to either bless or curse Gods people. For most it is the time to show allegiance to another god.

God has a purpose for every human being that he allows to inhabit His creation, but few really seek His purpose. So the end of the human age and rule, must and will come about with Great Tribulation.

Men attempt to interpret His purpose for the Tribulation in their own mind and spread it in the minds of others, and they do this in order to accommodate their own theology. They know it’s time is coming, because His word tells us that it is. And thus we have many different and conflicting explanations for this coming Tribulation’s purpose. But God’s purpose is His.

He has always from the very beginning of his creation allowed for free choice, but with restraint. And that choice was between following His purpose for your life vs. following your own purpose. Satan was really the first to fall in The Fathers creation by his own choice. He took with him 1/3 of the angels. Since then was the creation of men, all of whom have chosen to sin, but not all have chosen to remain in rebellion against God. But rebellion has been massive. Because of such a mass rebellion in God’s creation many have not had the opportunity to understand that they had such a choice to serve God. This will not be true in the coming Tribulation. It is revealed to come at a time on earth when men are in total rebellion with little to no restraint, but also a time when every man will see and hear about Jesus, this will answer Our Lord’s John 17 prayer . This will be a time for this final generation to witness the power of God and the total deceptive depravity of the deceiver of mankind. It will be a time for choosing between the two. That distinction is already being revealed in part, but as time progresses it’s revelation will be total for believers. The gospel will reach throughout the earth. Satan’s deception will attempt to devour the whole earth. But if you choose The Christ to serve you will see and hear with clarity, and you will overcome this enemy of mankind with the blood of the lamb, and the word of your testimony. Jesus John 17 prayer will come to fruition during the Great Tribulation.

Choose you this day whom you shall serve, and when that day shall come as surely it will? You will not depart from Him. For surely the fence sitter will fall away even as Jesus has told us. But you are not fence sitters. You are children of the most high God. You will sore as the Eagle, and though there be a thousand at your right hand and ten thousand at your left. You will overcome in the name of Christ the Lord. You are one who endured in Christ.