Ask yourself this question — which is more dangerous; to put forth your theory of truth, or to deny what someone’s theory of truth is without any investigation of their facts on ones part?

Think on that and then ask yourself — What happens when the only nation that all of us, including the rest of the world, has trusted with our future and our protection, suddenly and without an evident reason becomes our enemy? Is this theory or is it truth?

Some of you still have not awakened to even examine these questions, and the available facts surrounding them. But that does not change the reality that we are in, nor the facts which lead to these questions. I have written before about conspiracy. True Conspiracies have all begun as theory. In fact were it not for running information through this scientific method of truth finding; then truth concerning anything could not be determined. So when people state to you that you are involved in conspiracy theory, simply tell them that yes, I’m involved in discovering the truth through the scientific method of discovery, which begins as a theory. And tell them one more important thing. Propaganda from whatever the source has always been associated with focusing ones understanding in a direction opposed to what is true, or what is reality, in order to hide it as fact.

The fact of the matter is this: unless one entertains the facts surrounding a theory, one can never truly know what the truth really is concerning the theory.

“Conspiracy Theory”, the term, is being turned into something bad in our society. It is being given the perception of being evil, when it is the only science involved in the discovery of truth. Without examining the facts surrounding whether or not a thing is involving a conspiracy and is using propaganda to subvert truth; then we would have never understood that Communism was an evil enterprise; that all religions cannot lead to the same God. That all doctrines presented by a Christian church are not true. Finding what is true must involve examining the facts presented in the theory or argument involved.

So if you are a conscientious objector to anything with conspiracy attached; then ask yourself: was there never a conspiracy which was not before being discovered, first presented as a theory needing further investigation?

And in this vein, I ask you to consider the following in your journey toward truth.

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