What is it all about — this need for tracking? The Fed is and has been talking Digital currency. That apparently is in your future. Just how do you think that that digital transaction will be controlled? And just how will it be integrated into the governments future controls which we keep hearing are coming, just as they are currently being used in Communist China’s controls over their population in order to control certain actions or non actions. Will that controlling mechanism be a chip implant? And will that be the vehicle by which your ability to buy and or sell be accomplished?

Many in the know are today revealing that their thinking on all of this is that we are going to see the devaluation of the currency as part of this. And even a possible redistribution from those who have to those who don’t. I don’t know why they would think that since those who don’t have have already been getting the dollars that government takes from us. So will it truly be different when that take a percentage of our current value in the bank and place it in another’s account?

One FED chairman analyzed the Digital Currency this way. He uses this acronym CBDC (cashless based digital currency).

“Accordingly, many central banks are considering adoption of a CBDC as their economies become “cashless.” Eliminating currency is a policy choice, however, not an economic outcome, and Chair Powell has made clear that U.S. currency is not going to be replaced by a CBDC. Thus, a fear of imminently vanishing physical currency cannot be the reason for adopting a CBDC.7”

So, if it is not just what is?- must be our question. He continues:

“Could it be that the payment system is too limited in reach, and that introducing a CBDC would make the payment system bigger, broader, and more efficient? It certainly doesn’t look that way to me. Our existing interbank payment services have nationwide reach, meaning that an accountholder at one commercial bank can make a payment to an accountholder at any other U.S. bank. The same applies to international payments—“. For the whole article here is the link:


So, he states that many economies apparently are headed for a cashless economy. Throughout his article he questions the need for the resulting CBDC (cashless based digital currency), so if there is not this need, why then is it coming as he says? What we see happening in our world really makes no real scientific sense, unless there is a sinister plot afoot, which may not even need the rational of humans. We often forget that Scripture has already told us that men are sheep and we will follow a shepherd. If that shepherd is evil we as humans wind up doing evil. The bulk of the human race does in fact follow the thief and robber of the sheep. Jesus had told us that. What is on the horizon for our world is explained in scripture and is not of God as we so often hear that it is, but it is of the evil one. Paul warns us more than once of the evil day that is coming and for which we should prepare, by putting on the full armor of God. Which shepherd are you hearing? You may think that this cannot happen in America, but neither did we think that borders could become meaningless here; or that the News Media would become bound to one party which from what we can see has lost their way totally. Or that your voice could become silenced in just over one term of a presidency. Or that an election could be stolen and to congress and to most on our courts it would be laughed at as some conspiracy theory. Conspiracy it was, but one of a totally different realm.

So why is your transaction of over $600 being tracked? What is coming just over the horizon? Chances are you will see it all happen just as the scriptures have told you ahead of time.

Brethren make completely sure which shepherd’s voice it is that you are hearing in these last days of human history. Read John’s gospel, chapters 10; and chapters 14 thru 17, and then ask yourself am I, who am nothing without Him, ready for what He has called me for in these last days? For if not, I had best start listening to His voice.