I run a blog. And since I have this platform I want to take this opportunity to share my own experience with my Direct TV.

I just cancelled my Service after being a customer for just over 20 years.

Why did I cancel? The original service was approximately $79 a month, and I put up with almost no commercial interruptions. My current monthly bill had grown to over $190 dollars with no increase in service and at least 20 min in every hour is interrupted for commercial breaks. During that time my annual income has increased in retirement less than 10%.

As soon as I cancelled, within 10 days my wife received a text telling us that we qualified for a 50% discount as a valued customer. In the previous 20 years I had received no voluntary offers of any discount ever. I had received discounts quite often because I threatened to cancel service. But never was I given anything near 50% off.

Also, I cancelled on or about Aug 26. On August 30, I received a letter dated Aug 27, telling me “it’s time to return your equipment”. I had paid a lease on this equipment which included a recorder. The lease and service bill was paid through 9/20/2021. I had paid equipment rental for the equipment I had rented from them for the last 20 years, but they gave me a little Grace in time until the 11th of Oct. (21) days to return it, otherwise they would charge me for the equipment that I had likely paid for at least 5 or 6 times over again.

But, that’s not the end of their generosity. On my equipment I had 200 hours of recorded programing which I had paid them to possess and later view. So one might think that I had 20 days in which to watch that for which I had paid. — but NO, I had 0 days, because on 9/20 not only did my service discontinue but my recorder was inaccessible, even for watching those recorded programs that I had apparently overpaid them to record, since I was eligible for a 50% discount.

My advice — do as I did, and cancel your Direct TV service. I now get from my internet TV service much more in programing for much less than their 50% discount offer. And my service includes the ability to record to the cloud without equipment rental.

I’ll never return to AT&T Direct TV. And Direct TV just in case you are interested, I would not have written this critique had you just given me 30 days of access to my recorded programing. I hope that you will reconsider this policy for it is a theft from your customers. I did take your equipment back to UPS as you directed today, 9/22/21, and I do have my receipt, so don’t you dare bill me for this equipment.

PS for those regular readers, this may not be your cup of tea, but as you know, sometimes I just can’t help myself.