We have known that for decades based upon our own experience. In the early days of my experience with flu vaccines I was young healthy, and lost no time from work due to sickness. I worked inside and out as a claims adjuster. Our company started offering vaccines for flu free to the entire family. We all went into our regional office and we were all vaccinated. That winter I developed pneumonia and lost over a week of work. I had never been so sick. I thought my head would explode. I couldn’t keep the penicillin down due to the nausea. Needless to say the next year I weighed my risk. In fact it was many years before I finally took another flu shot. In fact I was retired and felt things were probably better. They were, but I never in all those years had missed a day of work since due to the flu.

Today I am being told I possibly may have no choice in my future. That is just plain wrong. I have totally lost any faith that I had had in government, and they wonder why.

The following scientific study tells us why we should not ever lose our choice for risk in life as a free people. But an even bigger risk today in America is the risk that we as a society are taking to completely lose our freedom.

Fully Vaccinated Teenage Boys 6 Times More At Risk From Vaccines Than Covid