I today received a note from a good friend whom I love. He sent me a link which is attached at the bottom of this post along with his comment.

My reply follows:

It’s nothing new. The woke German government is going to block non vaccinated folks from socializing and exercising their freedom.

In The Good Old USofA, there will be no problem at all, with this law, for in a woke society all one has to do is identify as a pregnant woman.  After all men in women’s bathrooms?  I’m sure you as a Democrat now support all of this. 

I hope I’m being facetious here, but truthfully (Name deleted) I’m just not sure exactly where you stand anymore.  Is it for science and reason, and God’s word, or is it really for what most in the Democratic Party stand for?  Have you totally forgotten that the Communists had in the past vowed to bury us, and to do it from within.  You apparently thought it was justified to drag Trump and his lawyers and team through the Russian Collusion theory, which now is proven conspiracy, but you won’t even give a second thought to the possibility that the Chinese have actually accomplished with Biden, what the Russians were accused of doing with Trump.  

Biden has a cabinet and advisor group full of Muslim brotherhood and their sympathizers, who have just handed over more Military equipment and a US Air base to our enemy, who happens to be a neighbor of China and who knows what evil is going to come of that.  

And additionally they have brought thousands of Muslim immigrants into this country who are undocumented, and I guess you see no harm in any of this?  

You disregard any evidence presented,  by even good citizens who have served America well in the past in leadership in America, to the fact that China was involved with the release of this virus, and then were involved with hacking our election machines. You ignore the fact that there is strong evidence that Arizona, Ga, Penn, and Michigan and other elections were tampered with, by people inside this country and by China, and others. 

You wave off evidence because it has not been accepted by the courts for trial, even though it has been presented to State legislatures and has led to ongoing investigations.  You ignore the resistance by the Democratic controlled AG’s office to any such investigations by these state legislatures.  You ignore the resistance by Democrats of the states to provide for legislation to eliminate cheating in elections. 

Just exactly where your head is is a puzzle to me. I knew that you hated Trump, but I would never have thought that you hated the constitutionality of our laws, and the rule of those laws which are in keeping with the constitution. 

I never thought that you would buy into a party which stands against science, while all the while claiming to be led by the science. 32 genders in the human race, prove that one if you can, yet our enforcing of our laws embrace it.  Human caused Global climate change, while running around in private Jets, owning multiply mansions.  Embracing open borders causing more human migration and pollution; Causing more drug and sex trafficking. 

And then there is freedom.  You are free to murder a child in the womb, and now even after delivery, but not free to choose a vaccine that is known to kill potentially as many as the virus it is claimed to eradicate. A vaccine that does not stop the virus, a vaccine that some scientists and immunology experts highly question as to their overall long term impact, because they were rushed to market, a vaccine for which the manufacturers are growing increasingly wealthy, and yet have no legal liability. A CDC run by Drs and scientists many of whom have never treated a patient, or actually practiced medicine. A vaccine that has no more efficacy that the treatments used against viruses. 

And this you are willing to yield up your freedom to travel, to eat out, to enter certain public arenas for, when you are not even sick with anything.  Fear is driving the population in this country. It is controlling the masses. And it is over a virus that kills far fewer people than other diseases, and which can be much better controlled with proper medication if allowed. But which a non elected government funded agency does not want to be treated, because it’s members are allowed to get rich off of pattens and vaccines. 

Words are powerful, use them well. Not mine, not yours,  but only God’s truth matters. 

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The idea seems to be spreading.


Here is an interesting perspective on how to address the problem of people who won’t get vaccinated.