The American dollar has been in danger of fading as the reserve currency in the world for sometime now. There have been ongoing predictions of its demise.

The power of any currency is only held stedfast due to the faith of those who hold that currency. Not many years ago China’s currency was added as one of the worlds reserve currencies. At that time that was thought to be a major problem for the US dollar. As it turned out that prediction was wrong, because Donald Trump made the dollar strong through his actions in dealing with various nations, but in particular with China.

But again we are faced with a stronger China and with a weak US Administration. And again we are hearing raised the question — will the dollar stand under this pressure?

The collapse of the US dollar or not will tell us where we stand in Biblical Prophecy, because the evil day will not only be met with an eventual world Leader who is Anti-Christ, and anti-Christ, means anti-Christian; but it will also see the introduction of a one world system of buying and selling through which the one government, which is in charge of that system will control, who it is, who can make transactions and why.

This was just one of the reasons why Christians, who understand just what the stakes are for us as Christians all around the world, and for our Country, pushed so hard for Trump’s reelection. This is why the theft of that election had to be revealed.

We are now reaping the result of that election theft. We are now experiencing what Progressives want to happen. This is taking us toward their “great reset”. If the Christian Left, who have allowed themselves to be blinded to this plan fail to discern their time, they will become participants in the great falling away as predicted by our Lord in Matthew 24 when these now planned events by the left come into actual being. In fact they will have participated in the reset.

The question is — Will seeing what is happening bring about the awakening needed to once again hinder the demise now occurring in the US, which demise, if allowed to continue, will produce the events of the book of Revelation.

For these events to occur, all that is needed is the fall of the US, and the rise of the Chinese Communist Party system of rule over the entire world system. For that to happen all that is needed is the failure of the US dollar. Biden is today diminishing faith in the US, and in it’s currency. He is in just 8 months time, from the standpoint of American strength, proven to be just what the Klaus Schwab’s and George Soros’ of the world have dreamt about.