Every one of these principles is under attack today in our world. And in the so called free world — to hold to any dogma such as this which does not align with the lefts thinking is anathema. To disagree with the progressive right or left is to be guilty of hate speech. And it will not be tolerated even if done by an elected official.

There is a total disregard for the freedoms provided for in our constitution.

Scripture actually teaches this to be the case, when one stands for the truths stated in the above title. Jesus said that we can expect to be persecuted if He was persecuted. He was persecuted for being a liar and blasphemer, when all He did was to speak the truth, and that for the good of the hearers.

We have seemingly arrived at a day and a time when there is no place to turn but to God for refuge from the harsh realities of a sinful world going mad. The western world, that at one time was christianized, has turned against its roots. Religious freedom is no longer seen as a valued protected right, but instead as a major cause of what the world calls sin, and therefore people of faith are needing to be eradicated from “civil” society. We seemingly are either in the evil day or in the prelude to its arrival.

Expect God’s word to be accurate and true in these last days. Expect men to continue to fail both themselves and us. All of God’s Word is true, men cherry pick it. Unless we allow God to sanctify this new heart that He gives us; then we will not overcome. Walk with Him in the Holy Spirit whom He has sent to lead us into all truth. Jesus is the truth. His word is truth. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. Abide in Him.

Come soon Lord Jesus. You alone are the answer to this worlds problems. You alone can empower us to overcome, but overcoming is a choice. May we always chose You.