We often joke that the majority of mankind are sheep being led around by their noses. But is this a joke? The Bible actually originated this concept. It says that virtually we are all sheep. We are all subject to being led but some superior force (either God or Satan).

Jesus refers to our being in a sheepfold and knowing the voice of the shepherd. His point is that we know and heed His voice if we are one of His sheep. But this does not take away this concept of humankind being led, and that would be true even if we are leaders among the sheep. This is like what science refers to as the Alpha sheep or goat.

Scientific experiments in human behavior have revealed that most of us will follow authority without question, and that some will even go against their own conscience when authority instructs them to do so. Basically 2/3’s of mankind are in this camp, where they blindly follow authority.

This does not mean that the other 1/3 are good people. Some are but it’s likely that most are not.

The following video with Robert F Kennedy Jr., helps us understand where we are with this concept in our country and across the globe. Kennedy is a bit hard to hear, but that just means that you need to listen harder.