What I’m sharing with you here may blow your mind. If you fail to listen all the way to the end you will go away with a completely wrong impression of who Greg Caron actually is and what he is all about.

Greg is a most intelligent individual. I had heard him speak before. Mike Adams interviews him in this video. You may question Greg’s sanity; you may question his commitment to Christ; you may question his believability. You may even question the validity of his experiences; but if you hear him out you cannot question his sincerity, nor his motivation, which is to discover truth and what is behind what we see happening around us today.

Three things that I think him to be totally wrong about are, first his thinking that God has apparently programmed everything so that even Lucifer is in His total control, and is probably not really a freewill agent. Greg obviously believes that some of us have freewill, but possibly not all. There is a religious thought housed in reformed theology which believes in predestination which would suggest what he must believe. This belief does not take away otherwise from some of his spiritual understanding. But, this theology in my humble opinion neglects to understand God’s omniscience. God does not completely control (but maybe partially controls) events, but because He is all knowing even to knowing the end from the beginning, it seems more appropriate that He allows things to transpire the way He already knows that they will, (not because He causes it, but just because He knows, and has decided to allow it) and He tells us some of what will occur with humanity based on that knowledge in the prophetic portions of His Word.

The second issue that I would raise with Greg (in the form of disagreement) has to do with one thought that he interjects. That thought is fleeting, but it is a comment on pre-Trib. Possibility. I don’t think he necessarily buys it, but he mentions that a removal “could” possibly somehow fit somewhere.

Thirdly, I totally disagree with him, that the vaccine is the mark of the beast, which he also mentions, and seemingly buys. Scripturally the mark is accepted by man coupled with a renouncing of the God, who created All things, and the worship of a figure who renounces this God, but yet, claims to be God — just not this One. The vaccine does not qualify scripturally. In fact even if the vaccine is found to be a part of an Antichrist plan to diminish in some way humanity, still there would be the offer from God to the one who has taken it to recant or repent of what they had done, once this would be found out, and an offer for those who do not know Him, to accept Jesus’ forgiveness for this and all other sinful acts, if it is somehow found to be a sin, which, understand, I am not saying that it is or will be.

It is these things which caused me to struggle with this post. But, otherwise I think Greg’s discernment is so revealing and so interesting, and I feel it can cause even non christians to think seriously about what we are seeing in our day. So I have given up on my hesitation. But I will say that part of my hesitation concerned his encounter with Lucifer. Concerning that all I’ll say is that, one would need to be very close to God and to His truth to not be deceived in such an encounter, however Greg’s conclusion from that encounter was as I would expect from any well versed Bible student.

So set aside the time needed to take it all in.

Greg Caton interviewed by Mike Adams: End times, encounters with angels and demons, vaccine soul sellouts