In her interview with pastor Brandon Holthaus, Jan speaks of the Woke culture entering the church, and drops tidbits of her own endtime beliefs. I’m going to speak to some of her tidbits. And I want to apologize for spelling her name wrong. It is Markell, but I can’t change it in the title, as it will mess up the link.


Jan has taken the Biblical definition of apostasy which means that people leave there once held faith for something unrelated to the Gospel’s message on faith.

In so doing Jan rejects the understanding that Apostasy in 11 Thessalonians 2, means Rapture. With this I totally agree. But her rejecting that understanding, means that she must accept that both Apostasy and Antichrist himself must be present on earth before the Day of the Lord will or can come, because that is what the text says, and she is a literalist. Or at least says that she is. And since the Day of the Lord brings the Resurrection accompanied by the Rapture; then it is not a pre-Trib Rapture.

Dispensations & Truth

Jan and her guest emphasize both in their beliefs, yet the church age as taught by them as being a dispensation is not found or taught in scripture. The Gospel was instructed to the Jew first and also to the Greek, or to the gentile, this emphasizes a oneness of truth for them (us), even as it is taught in Ephesians. We are one body, one new man. One Olive Tree as taught in Romans; All children of Abraham as also taught in the Old Testament. Gentiles are grafted into Israel’s Olive tree, into Christ’s church which began with Israel, when Jesus entered paradise to lead Israel and paradise out of captivity . Dispensations have a unique and separate meaning in scripture from ages, and that is the Truth of literal scripture.


Jan and her guest are hypocritical when it comes to their use of imminent. The dispensationalist understanding of both she, and her peers is lost in her presentment of where we are in time. For example she speaks here in this message of being in the last of the last days. Stating that Apostasy that we are now seeing proves this, and this is correct. But, by adhering to the Philadelphia church Remnant concept, as they do, is a destroyer of her imminent beliefs; for in order to grasp the true dispensationalist understanding of imminent one must believe and teach as she has that they can be raptured at any moment through out church history, which was an impossibility based upon literal scripture, and therefore her ministry, (and in fact she has done this) is teaching that there then were no signs leading to the imminent Rapture. But today she is in the last of the last days and is presenting signs taught in scripture to support this. This Philadelphia dispensation as taught, which follows 5 others in time, actually defeats the imminent return theory, which is a cornerstone of Dispensationalism. She now understands her time because of the signs being fulfilled in these last days — making them the last of the last days.

The Remnant Can there be Unity with the woke Church?

I certainly agree that the Amillennialist approach to scripture to Christ’s Coming, which I also reject, can get interwoven into the current trend in America toward socialism and the Marxist world views. And this approach may be one of the factors leading to the apostasy of which scripture speaks. To believe that the church can bring about utopia on earth and thus eliminate evil without Christ first returning is just not scriptural. But true unity within the church will not come until the churches divided are made by God to learn of His truth from Great Tribulation, at which time His truth will be made clear, for it is after Tribulation that the bride has made herself ready (Rev. 19). At that time there will be no more Amillennialist thought; nor pre-Trib thought; nor mid-Trib Thought; Nor Post-Millennium thought, or eternal security thought, for all in the remnant bride will then see and know just what time they are in.

To see Jan’s full program, tap the following link, and consider these thoughts as you listen. And understand that I love Jan she and her guests point out much that is happening in the church and our world leading us to conclude just where we are in Gods time clock. But her pre-Trib Rapture conclusion conflicts with scriptures teaching.