There are few things in life which are on a par in their importance with our freedom other than is the life and death struggle that we find ourselves in today with what is CoVid, and misinformation over CoVid treatment. There are those claiming the science on both sides of this controversy. Yet, in spite of the fact that this probably is one of the most important questions facing us right now, still there is no debate allowed. Why? — Science cannot exist without debate over what is just theory and what is provable. If you are a supporter of the government and the not yet FDA approved “vaccines”; then you should at least want the government to be able to dispel the concerns being raised by those in opposition to the “vaccines”. Here are just a few of their concerns:

⁃ There are too many deaths occurring closely associated with the giving of the shot to individuals who were otherwise previously physically healthy.

⁃ There are blood clots arising out of the giving of the shots.

⁃ There are miscarried pregnancies associated with the giving of the shots.

⁃ There are heart conditions occurring due to the shots, which were not present before.

⁃ There are nerve related conditions occurring not experienced before the shot.

⁃ There are CoVid infections occurring in previously vaccinated individuals.

⁃ There is far too much opposition to other effective treatments which are attacked and maligned as ineffective and dangerous when there is much proof to the contrary.

⁃ Why is big pharma and big Teck censoring this debate?

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