But the way thereof leadeth unto death.

We all think we are right in our thinking. That is just how we as humans are. In order to think that we are right there must be a foundation which guides our understanding of what is right and what is wrong. That foundation is our belief system. Jesus tells us that any foundation for belief other than Him as the one speaking for God is no foundation at all. He compares it to building ones house on the sand rather than on Him (the rock). With Jesus’ teaching there was no middle ground. In other words you couldn’t build half of your house on Him (the rock) and the other half on the world (the sand). He did not even offer that as a choice. Yet, much of what we see Christianity doing today is just that. Men are attempting to mix Him with worldly ideas. Paul told Timothy that before Jesus would come in His kingdom that men would seek out teachers, who would tell them what they wanted to hear. And there is a problem in that, even in the world when you add too much sand to the concrete, or too much water, eventually the concrete will fail and the structure erected on it will fall.

Men are today calling for the kingdom to be established but without the King. I want you to listen to this word from Kent Christmas.

If you listen closely to this prophetic message. It is given with no mention of men or nations turning to Jesus for deliverance, but it promises the deliverance of the nations by an act of God, and that within this year coming. Consider because you must — is this sound doctrine, built on Christ and His word, or wishful thinking?

I was thinking of this message by Kent, which was sent my way by a brother in Christ, along with some hopeful comments, when I was reminded of some of David Wilkerson’s messages. I’ve also included one of his messages given on “hope” here:

Once you’ve listened to both; then you might consider which message is true to the teachings to us from the New Testament. I’ve told you before we are to test the spirits. The test will be based upon Christ, (the word of God). It is the scriptures which represent Him to us.

If I ask myself which message I would prefer to have to live through; then for sure it would be Kent’s; but if I ask myself which is based upon what scripture tells us will be God’s way of dealing with us; then it will be David’s. In fact I strongly suspect that the prophecy from Kent will one year from now be proven wrong.

Both are presented to us as prophets of the Lord. Wilkerson has often given a prophetic word, but these messages are nowhere near alike in their prophetic outcome. Wilkerson was in my opinion true to our foundation and our hope, which does not come from this world without Christ in it.