If I hear one more person tell me trust the science, or trust the FBI, or trust the fact checker, or the expert; then I think my head will explode. These people who only believe their own experts, who tell them just what they want to hear, are much worse than the the experts and scientists who have an agenda, and therefore deceive the public.

How can I even think that the sheep are worse, because if not for them the lies could not be told, because the verifiers would not let them get away with it. It amazes me just how gullible people are, who obviously are in many ways more intelligent than I am or ever was. But these most always take a position, and stick to it, no matter what evidence comes out to help one arrive at truth.

This article that I’m sharing today is a perfect example of how this works. It reveals how our government is so effective because people simply believe our government over everyone else, even the eye witnesses.

Observe how easily it’s done: