We speak of and hear of the NWO, and we relate that order to the Beast system revealed in both Daniel and Revelation, but this New Order is driven with actual plans today which are in place and are right now at this moment being carried out. Things are happening toward their end, even within local governances all around this planet, and yes, even right here in the United States of America.

There are a large number of freedom loving patriots in this country, but there are also very many sheep willing to be led into a new slavery of the mind and spirit.

Patriots who are really willing to get involved and actually take action are, I’m afraid, too few. And action which is uninformed is easily used against the cause of freedom, just as it was on Jan 6th.

I have often said that we live in critical times for this country and for our world. We live in last days Biblical times. Those times require total commitment not only to God, but to our stand against evil. Even then being in total commitment may led to death. Can what we are seeing be turned around? If it can it will be only through God’s mercy. But we must remember that in Christ we still win in the end.

The following Video explains Agenda 21, which is the 100 year UN plan for this 21st century. Agenda 2030 sets forth those things planned for inclusion in our world by the year 2030. These are UN plans for our world, which have been in place in our world for some time, and to which even the US has signed on for to hasten it’s result.