“I must say that I’m not surprised by your response. I won’t rebut your observations point by point but will make some general comments on what you wrote.”

This is My friend’s response to my opinion of an article that he had shared with me. I shared that article and my opinion in a recent post. He took issue with my response, and wanted me to understand why, in his e-mail to me:

“You know I often disagree with many of your opinions. In particular, I take issue with your emphasis on truth and judgement while diminishing the role of grace and the Great Commandment.”

He further challenged me:

“You argue that knowledge of God’s truth is an essential prerequisite to a change of heart. I believe, like David Wilkerson and others, that we must first earn the right to present the gospel.”

I answered my friend in a lengthy response, but basically my points were these: we are all called to different service. Some till the soil; some plant; some water, and some reap the harvest. In order for sinners to understand the love and grace of God we must love them enough to allow them to see first what their sin has and will cause both for them and the One who offers them love and grace and not just a change of heart, but hopefully a new heart. He who is forgiven much loves much. One cannot accept that gift and put it to use, without a concept or understanding of why they need salvation and from what.

My friend further challenged my discernment:

“For someone who places so much importance on truth, I marvel at your capacity for distortion, (un)truth, and self deception. I could offer a long list of examples but will cite only two here: your belief in Trump’s big lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him because of voter fraud and your skepticism about the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines.”

My friend has been sent most of my articles on CoVid and election fraud. He obviously believes none of what is being reported outside of the liberal media. The following advise which he gave me may explain where he is coming from? My friend wrote:

Leon Festinger, the famous social psychologist. In his book about the study (When Prophecy Fails), he describes our tendency to ignore the truth and maintain our illusions of strongly held beliefs in spite of overwhelming evidence that the beliefs are wrong. I would suggest you read the book and reflect on the authors’ conclusions.”

This friend is always telling me how he only believes the experts. His favorite on CoVid is Fauci. As to election fraud. He places his faith in the courts and the media reporting. You and I, know by now that Fauci is in retreat and under fire since the exposure of his e-mails and his involvement with gain of function research and the WUHAN Lab. As for the election; the courts and state legislatures are beginning to allow forensic audits. Arizona is about finished. We will see possibly before the year is out if there was widespread fraud.

I don’t seek to defend myself, but essentially to listen to Jesus warnings concerning the deception of the last days. We who are hearing tend toward skepticism of our world’s so called preponderance of evidence, and when we find evidence being ignored by friends; we then tend to take on the role of a Dutch uncle. We might even be considered judgmental. We tend to be used to till up the soil and plant the seed of truth, rather than presenting the gospel for harvest. I try to temper God’s judgment with His love, but I fully recognize my own shortcomings before God. I will be judged before Him for my doings and lack thereof just as you will be.

As to evidence supporting the concerns over election fraud and the vaccine and virus origins there is real evidence. Here are just some of the articles and videos on election fraud and CoVid vaccines that should make MY FRIEND consider his own potential for illusions of strongly held beliefs. The first shared below is really all that is needed to prove the case. These just scratch the surface. Fact check this first article all that you want. It’s proven in all its points.

I present them all as exhibit one for his benefit, not yours. I know that most of you who follow this blog are well informed about CoVid and the election.

Back to my friend, he has cancer of the throat and is fighting blindness. I would ask that you would pray for his physical and spiritual issues. I do love him despite our differences. He has of course taken the experimental shot. Just pray for BW, God knows who he is.

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